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U-tope is a project of Naked Architecture en Atelier Willem Noyons.

The U-tope can be placed anywhere. Long-term as recreation dwelling or temporary as abode in unspoiled nature or wasteland. Carefree and luxurious, but with serious attention to the environment. The U-tope aims to achieve more awareness in a contemporary innovative way. It’s designed to be self-sufficient and verifiable/ adjustable through a smartphone or tablet application.

The photo-voltaic panels, heatpipes, air-water heat pump and the water system of storage and recycling enable the U-tope to provides itself with enough energy and water. Equally important to its environmental features are the sustainable materials, the minimal ecological impact of the pole foundation, and the prefabricated elements which exclude large machinery during construction. The environmental footprint is minimal.

The U-tope is still in an evolving condition. A team of specialized partners, a Building Information Model (BIM) and the basics of a circular economy are the principles of this development. 

Link to official website: U-tope

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