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Location: Wittevrouwensingel, Utrecht
Client: Private
Description: 3 apartments in a listed building

The ‘Wittevrouwensingel’ is a part of the ancient ring road around the old
town of Utrecht. We provided a base by creating a silent image.
The absence of annoying details like radiators and the addition of large
definable elements offer the possibility for a very personal layer for the
user. The camel on the second floor is a user’s addition. We think this
should be possible.

The natural light, reflections, materials (concrete, wood and plaster) and the
proportion add up to the total image. Taking a piece of the roof surface and
placing a row of doors created the balcony. The ground plan of all 3
apartments is based on a large ‘closet’ that contains toilets, shower / bath,
entrance and storage.

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